Reasons why you should become a member.

1. You will be a proud member of the Monterey Hot Jazz Society. An organization dedicated to the performance, promotion and preservation of Traditional Jazz.  Our goal is to keep traditional Dixieland Jazz alive in our community and offer music scholarships to the youth of our community.

2. Each month you will receive a copy of the club's eight page newsletter, HotNotes. HotNotes lets you know what guest bands are scheduled and each month it provides info on that months guest band and it's musicians. In addition HotNotes contains jazz related articles, photos taken by our club photographer, a list of the jammers that played the previous month, and the Trail Guide with it's comprehensive listing of upcoming festivals.

3. The society meets monthly on the second Sunday of the month (the Hot Jazz dance parties at the Monterey Elks Lodge). As a member you will receive a discount on the admission at each meeting.

4. Dues are only $23 a year for an individual or $30 a year for a family and your membership and/or contributions are tax deductible. The Monterey Hot Jazz Society is a non-profit tax exempt organization.